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The Lodge

A pousada

Come fish the biggest peacock bass in the Amazon.

Built at a strategic point on the Itapará River, Roraima, the Itapará
Lodge provides a magnificent view of the river, the floating pier,
the rustic architecture and typical vegetation and add to this beautiful
landscape a sunrise, a sunset and the regional birds.

With an excellent hosting structure, the lodge is ideal for sports fishing
and to be situated in the heart of the Amazon sitting on the banks of the
Itapará river which is considered the sanctuary of the biggest peacock bass in the world.

Come and enjoy fishing at the Itapará Lodge!


The Itapará Lodge is in the south of the State of Roraima, an almost
unexplored part of the Amazon rainforest and, therefore, still completely
preserved with it is own paved runway and 1,100 feet in length.

The coordinates (SWEO) are: n 00 º 12 '607 "W 061 ° 33' 077".

Our accommodations

At the Itapará lodge you just have to look through the any window to view a
lush rainforest and one of the most beautiful rivers in the region.

If you want, you can fish 100 feet from the hotel. There are also more than
100 lakes and shallow bays to be explored, all with a wide variety of fish,
including butterfly peacock bass and "Açu" (the big one).
Here you enjoy high quality services in the middle of the Amazon!

Restaurant & Bar

Our all-inclusive packages, include full daily breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet.
We offer local drinks, including alcoholic (imports are not included).
Breakfast is served at 6 Am and features regional fruits, juices, pancakes,
scrambled eggs, fresh bread, jam, cakes, etc..

Lunch can be served at the lodge or if you request by the river, providing a sense of adventure to fishery. Dinner is served at 8 Pm, with a menu worthy of praise.


Our 5 day fishing package includes the air shuttle service Manaus-Itapará
lodge-Manaus, food, drink, lodging and boat, tour guide, gasoline etc.
The package also includes van shuttle from the airport to the hotel in Manaus
and next day return to the airport for the flight to the lodge.
Not included the fishing equipment, transportation expenses from your city
to Manaus, airport taxes and hotel in Manaus.

Payment methods

•           Credit Cards

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