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Wiliam – Natureza Viva / Rio de Janeiro

"It was a spectacular one week stay in Itapará with you.
Everyone enjoyed the facilities, infrastructure, customer service, their support staff and guides.
And the tucunarés were really fantastic!
Big hug and thank you for everything."

Familia Nagatomo

"First of all, congratulations for the hole
structure, service and well trained staff.
Great accommodations, excellent food quality
and 100% personal treatment.
Quantity and Quality fish and the river was 40 cm above the normal.
Attached some photos of our family and for sure
we will return in the coming years. A big hug!"

Paul Breaux and american friends.

"Thanks for the welcome, hospitality and fellowship, and also the many fish. Success and good fishing."

Dedé and Nilza

"All our expectations were surpassed. From our arrival until the departure day. Attendance has always been class " A ". Exuberant nature enchants and fascinates. Plenty of fish strikes. Cheers for this tropical Brazilian paradise preserved for future generations".

Eraci, Gerson, Mauricio, Afonso, Aldo, Arno, Ede and José Luiz.

"No words to discribe, since I am an old customer and once again I have only praise. Staff prepared, honesty, comfort and many qualities that would not fit here. Congratulations!"
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